Stair Challenge

Program design

There are 5 exercise programs designed. Days 1-5, which you will repeat twice for days 6-10. Each exercise will use a 50 second interval workout with 10 seconds of rest format, then you go on to the next in the list. You can download an app on your phone or purchase a Gymboss timer through my website on the bottom links.

There are 5 exercises in each list which will be repeated twice. If your body feels like it needs a recovery day then you can rest on day 4 and 8.

See the pattern?

50/10 intervals, 5/2 exercises repeated twice, 5/2 days repeated twice.

For total 10 minutes per day for 10 days.

The workout

Prior to any workout you need to warm up. Please follow the warm up routine each day prior to the Day’s routine. After each workout follow the cool down that is provided to you. ENJOY and PUSH YOURSELF. You can do it! Let’s get our body warmed up by walking up and down the steps, do this for about 1 minute. The next 4 exercises should be completed 12 times.

Warm up:

– Walk stairs
– Lateral knee ups right
– Lateral knee ups left
– Slow squats
– Side lunge

Exercise Descriptions

Lateral Knee Ups – Stand sideways to the step, step up with the right foot and raise the left knee up to hip height. Lower the left foot back to the floor and tap the right foot beside it. Then repeat.

Slow Squats – Weight is in the heels, arms reach out for balance, back stays in neutral with knees aligned forward with your feet. Make sure that your knees do not reach past your feet, you should be able to see your toes.

Alternating Side Lunge – Legs are spread wide, bend knee and shift weight over to that side, then back to center. Again, be cautious that knees are aligned with your feet and not going over. 

Day 1

– Step ups
– Side step leg lift left
– Side step leg lift right
– Toe taps high & low
– Squat jacks

Exercise Descriptions:

Step Ups – As quickly as you can step up and down onto the first step.

Side Step Leg Lift Left – Similar to the warm up but instead of a knee raise you will be extending your leg out to the side.

Toe Taps High & Low – As quickly as you can jump and switch feet so they are alternating and reaching the tip of the step. Try and switch between the first step and second step if you can.

Squat Jacks – Jump with both feet up one step, land with them hip width apart, on the next jump land with them slightly wider then shoulder width apart and then proceed to do a squat.

Day 2

– Diagonal lunges
– Sideway high knees
– Calf raises
– Split squat left
– Split squat right

Exercise Descriptions:

Diagonal Lunges – Step to the far side of the stair and bend through front leg, again watch your positioning of your knee.

Sideway High Knees – Stand sideways to the steps, as quickly as you can alternating lifting your legs up the stairs.  Switch sides.

Calf Raises – Stand on step with balls of the feet on the edge. Slowly lower yourself up then back down.  Knees stay soft and not locked.

Split Squat – In a lunge position but with 1 foot elevated onto the first step. Make sure your front knee is aligned with your ankle.  Slowly lower straight up and down.

Day 3

– Sideway pop up squat l.
– Sideway pop up squat r.
– Hopscotch
– Lateral wide run
– Squats

Exercise Descriptions:

Sideway Pop Up Squat – Facing sideways place one foot on one step the other on the floor, perform a squat then jump on the way up. Absorb the landing with your muscles, try to land softly.

Hopscotch – 2 foot jump to the step then 1 foot jump to the next step. Alternate feet on each single jump.

Lateral Wide Run – As quickly as you can run up the steps with placement on the sides of the stair.

Squats – Weight is in the heels, arms reach out for balance, back stays in neutral with knees aligned forward with your feet. Make sure that your knees do not reach past your feet, you should be able to see your toes.

Day 4

– Bulgarian lunge left
– Bulgarian lunge right
– 1 foot hops left
– 1 foot hops right
– Ski jumps

Exercise Descriptions:

Bulgarian Lunge – Place one foot on the step and sink low into that leg. Back leg is bent with a bit of pressure on the ball of your foot.  Quickly move the back leg and draw your knee up all while staying low. Then tap it back.

1 Foot Hops – Hop up the stairs using just one leg.  Really focus on landing softly.

Ski Jumps – Jump up each step with 2 feet but twist the feet in the opposite direction with each hop.  Your upper body will twist in the opposite direction. Weigh remains in the balls of the feet.

Day 5

– Lateral jumps
– Lunge calf raise left
– Lunge calf raise right
– Running man left
– Running man right

Exercise Descriptions:

Lateral Jumps – Jump with both feet up each step aiming for lateral movement from one side to the next.  Stance is wide. Absorb the landing.

Lunge Calf Raise – Lunge position with one foot elevated on one step. Lift & lower the heel of the foot that is raised on the step.

Running Man – Stand sideways to the step with one foot on and one off.  Stance is wide. As quickly as you can alternate lifting feet off the ground.

Cool Down:

-Walk stairs

Take 1 minute after each series (day) is finished to bring your heartrate down by slowly walking the stairs, focus on taking some deeps breaths and have some water. Spend the next few minutes stretching.

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