Licensing Information

 Please read all the information we have provided below:

We are looking for passionate women who love to help others to open a location in their nearest city. 

If you feel like this is the right fit for you then click to fill out our application. 


What to expect when opening a location with Eris Moms

At Eris Moms we understand the difficulties in owning a business and being a parent.  Well we have the answer- own a business that you can work at with your kids present.   Becoming an Eris Moms Licensee owner is your first step in running a fun and rewarding business that you can work with your kids by your side.  You can bring them to class,  we bring ours.  They see us as working moms, teaching others about health and wellness while they watch and learn from us!

An opportunity to help other moms through their journey of parenthood by providing them a community where they not only work towards healthier living through fitness but also a social community where they can learn, share stories and talk about the adventures of motherhood. 

At Eris Moms we change lives of others. 


Here is an outline of what you will receive with your Licensing Package:
  1.  Rights to use our logo and having our recognized brand behind you.
  2.  Access to have your website linked to ours with the monthly web fee rate
  3.  A gallery of photos to use for marketing
  4.  Predesigned marketing material for tradeshows, apparel, advertising & partners.
  5.  Giving you the tools you need for a successful business from scheduling to class formats, advertising, marketing, business ideas and making a positive impact within your community.
  6.  Mentoring during the initial start up phase through phone calls and email support.
  7.  A detailed course with everything listed on how to open and run a mommy fitness business -includes; locations & rent, marketing, sales, software, creating websites, advertising, class content, social media hacks, insurance, permits & licenses, partners, competition and more (this detailed course is also available to purchase if you don’t license with us at a fee of $499.)

Frequently Asked Questions...

1) What’s the major difference between owning a license vs franchise? 

a) The biggest benefit?  Your minimal cost. 

b) You have more control of everyday operations.

We want you to make the decisions of how to operate your business and just offer you the tools of how to be successful.  Most franchise packages for this same business start at $5000 and run up towards $20000.  Your cost is only $3000.

2) Can I start up a new location? Yes, however you are responsible to pay the licensing fee for each location and upkeep with the monthly payments of $25 for each location.

3) What does the $25 monthly payment to Eris Moms cover? This is your commitment to the brand. Eris Moms will have a “Locations” tab on the main website where traffic will be directed to your location. Social media tags and links to help boost your business. VIP discounts for your members?  What are we offering?

4) Do I need to be a certified fitness instructor or personal trainer to purchase a license and run an Eris Moms location? No you do not, BUT you will not be able to teach any of the classes and will have to hire qualified, certified instructors to teach all your classes. Personal Trainers are not qualified to teach group classes. You yourself do not need the certifications, but you will keep more of the money your business earns if you have less to pay out in instructor fees. Any of your staff or sub-contractors teaching classes MUST be certified through BCRPA or equivalent governing agency in your province.

5) I purchased a licensing package and have been running a successful Eris Moms location in my town. I would now like to sell my business location. Are there any hoops to jump through within this licensing arrangement? Not really! The new owner must sign an agreement with us to continue using our brand and access our large online presence. If the new owner(s) wish to end this relationship, they must change their business name.

6)  What makes Eris Moms different from any other Mommy and Me type fitness business? 

a) Licensing vs Franchising – Basically this saves you BIG money and gives you the most FREEDOM to run the business how you want to. We give you the guidelines and show you how to run for maximum efficiency, but you have the overall say in how you go about your daily business.

b) Extremely minimal overhead so you, the business owner makes the maximum monthly profit! Most mom & me franchises will charge you on a sliding scale from $5,000-$20,000 based on the population of your town.  We believe both the small and large towns have equal chance of making money so we have just one flat fee!

c)  Share our trade secret of how to operate without paying rent!

d)  Coming soon: 50% off the cost of several CEC courses being offered by Eris Moms.

e) Opportunities to make income (commission) off of our in home programs that we have created for clients.

7)  Will there be competition with other Eris moms locations in my community?  We will not sell any licensing within the same town radius of 25kms as long as you are active with the business.


A bit about the owners Jessica and Kristy

Hello mama’s, Kristy here!

I have been where you are and I know how you feel. After baby #2 and having just moved into a new (and small) town I felt isolated and well, much like a cow.  *I was using a double breast pump to continue giving my infant who couldn’t nurse, the breastmilk I was adamant he needed – so yes, very much like a cow hooked up to a machine for much of the day, and night.

I wanted friends.  I wanted to get back in shape. I wanted stress release.  And I desperately needed to supplement our household income.  I had been taking the group fitness course since the birth of my first born almost 3 years prior, which was put on hold when I became overly sick with #2.  I realized when my son, #2 was 3 months old that I was ready to start teaching group classes, so I finished my certifications and worked at the local recreation center where I earned $20/hour.

Teaching 1-3 classes per week, spending at least 2 hours of preparation for each class, as you do in the beginning days, and taking 2 hours of time away from my very small children to teach the 1 hour class, was quite the challenge.  It became a bit of a stress as I was paying for childcare just as much as I was making so that I could teach each class.

I was determined, so I gave it a go on my own. I used local parks and only ran classes from April until September. It was a hit!  I had full classes, happy moms and tots, and built a great network and community.  After running this successfully for many years and then moving to Kelowna BC, I was eager to start all over again with my #3 who had just turned 1.  This is when the stars aligned and I met Jessica Levy.  One short year later Eris Moms was born, and we began sharing our passions with the world.

Hey Mamas

I am Jessica co owner of Eris Moms. Mom of 1 busy boy and a passion to work for myself and provide the best life for my son.  In 2014 I was a single parent, broke and left with a ton of debt and not even any furniture or savings so I was terrified but determined.  I had very little self esteem, no friends because of my previous relationship and struggled to find confidence.  I want to provide a service that brought moms together in a community, so they could be that support for one another while focusing on health.

We found a basement suite to live in and I started mommy fitness classes in Kelowna thinking this would just be a hobby, not realizing the demand for something in a community. Using facebook for free advertising my business grew quickly gaining the interest of so many moms!  Shaw TV found me and local business partnered and I soon realized the potential this business had.  Moms were excited that there was an opportunity for them to workout and not have to find a sitter for the baby or kids, or need childcare at a gym where they were basically leaving their children with a stranger. An opportunity for them to meet other moms, get out of the house and be active with the kids in tow. 4 years later I met Kristy and we started to rebrand and here we are now excited to share this incredible journey with you.

Eris Moms was designed with you in mind.  We know it takes hard work and dedication to run a successful business.  But it shouldn’t cost you copious amounts of time or money.

We will teach you from A-Z how you can easily create your business.  Apply with Eris Moms by clicking here and filling out the paperwork.  No lawyer necessary unless you choose.  We have done all the legal work in preparation.  Once you have been accepted into our program we will send you a folder with several PDF files outlining the steps to getting started, how each area of the business can be run, as well logos and marketing tools to start using right away.

It is possible to start your business and start making money within a month.  Are you ready?